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Welcome to my little shrine to one of the best Anime series ever, Dragonball Z. DBZ is an action Anime series, much more so than Sailor Moon or Ronin Warriors (two other Anime series that I like, but DBZ is without a doubt my favorite!), with a cast of characters that is unlike any other cast I've ever seen. Heck, my favorite character in the series (as with my fave in RW) started out as one of the bad guys! Anyone care to guess who that could be? Here, I'll give you a hint *snicker*:

Sorry, I just can't help myself where Veggy is concerned ^_^ This page is constantly being updated, so don't worry too much if the title image or the pic up there changes sometime between your visits. I've given Veggy full control over my image gallery, and Zukani is in charge of the library. Hopefully, I'll get access to a scanner so that I can put up some of my own artwork to go with my fics. If there is anything you'd like to see on this site, my email link is right below the Anime Web Turnpike icon at the bottom of the page--believe me, I'll read anything you have to throw at me!!

Inner Thoughts and something a little different ^_^ now online in Zukani's Fanfic Zone

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