Konnichi-wa. My name is Zukani, but you can call me Zuka.

In case you couldn't tell already, this is my little domain. Femme-Chan's fanfiction (as of 12/22 still the only works posted herein--if you have any works of your own you would like posted, send 'em to femme_chan@hotmail.com and I'll post 'em ASAP) is devoted entirely to the events of the Dimension X universe, i.e. my (new ^_^) home sweet home. So far the only completed work is Time's Orphan (arigatou, Ms. Femme!!), but there are also two short stories (in the case of Without You, very short!) and the next chapter in the DX universe is under way (way? weigh? how the heck do you use that anyways??). Also, there is a new poem (yes, and it's not really that fabulous, but I'm proud of it ^_^!) posted below, along with the first of what may become a series of song lyrics that go along with events in DBZ: DX. That's all I've got for the time being. Bai bai, and drop in again soon!


Femme-Chan's Fanfiction
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Time's Orphan Character Guide Since there are going to be a few new characters (all of whom sprung from my warped little mind) introduced in this fic, I figured I'd at least be kind enough to post a list of the new characters. Zukani's already been introduced (both within the prologue and as this section's hostess), but some of the other character who are going to show up won't be appearing until somewhere around Chapter Two. This list will help get you be ready :-)

Time's Orphan
Prologue: Zukani
Chapter One: Heaven for a View
Chapter Two: Lay Your Troubles Down [three parts, all linked]
Chapter Three: Push the Clouds Away
Chapter Four: All I Wish For [two parts, both linked]
Epilogue: Maybe I'll Find Some Peace Tonight

Without You This is a side story to Time's Orphan, actually occuring within Chapter Four itself.
This story contains major spoilers for that particular chapter, so if you don't wanna know what happens before you read Chapter Four, DON'T READ THIS FIC!! However, if you want a different perspective of that particular event, go right ahead!

Building a Mystery Set two months before the epilogue of Time's Orphan, this story reveals the reason (or is that reasons?) that Juunana decided to accept Bulma's invitation (if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, read Maybe I'll Find Some Peace Tonight).
Major sappiness and brief nudity are contained within this fic. Consider yourselves warned ^_^

The More Things Change
Click Here Please

Inner Thoughts... My first poem!! Aren't you proud of me, minna-tachi ^_^? This is a POV piece, reflecting on, erm, someone's innermost thoughts (please note that this is set before the events in The More Things Change).

"Silent World", Donna Lewis This one may require a bit of background information. I was listening to my Donna Lewis CD the other night, and while listening to this song I realized that the lyrics go along with one of the later chapters of T.M.T.C. perfectly! There are no spoilers, but there will be a loss sometime during the epic. I'm not going to say any more; you'll just have to wait patiently for that chapter (at this point, it will occur sometime between Chapter Five and Chapter Seven). For now, though, you can check out the song lyrics (property of Ms. Lewis, of course ^_^!) and the little altered pic I included with 'em.


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