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Created and edited by Femme-Chan

Time's Orphan: Zukani
By Femme-Chan

I cannot leave. But if I stay, I will die.

Whoever said that life was fair was a damn-fool liar.

I built the trans-dimensional time port for just such an occasion. I had been hoping that I would only be using it to seek assistance from another dimension. Maybe get the chance to see my Ojisan once more. I miss the guy. I think Tousan does too, but the day he admits that is the day that my okaasan comes back from the dead.

Should I stay and fight for my world? I've been training my entire life; it's all I really know. Even with a feminine influence in my life (part of the time, anyway), I was pretty much raised by my father. It's no real surprise that I'm a bit of a tomboy. I really should stay and fight, to try to avenge Ojisan and everyone else those damned Andromedans killed.

Or, should I leave everything behind and try to save another world from this fate? Tousan ordered me to leave, to use the machine I've spent the past several months building, to find another dimension where I would be safe. I have never disobeyed my father. I love him, I know that he's only ever been looking out for my safety. If Kaasan had lived, she may not have allowed me to train non-stop, but that was the only way that Tousan could really think of to protect me - by training me to use my mind and my body to fight off any enemy.

But this time, the enemy I'm trying to fight is myself.

My decision is clear. It's the only choice that I could ever really make, considering that no matter what happens I will never see anyone I know ever again.

Tousan, I didn't want to disobey you. But this is my world too. I will fight to save it.

Or I will die trying.

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