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Okay, I understand that there are a lot of DBZ fics out there (mine included ^_^) that use Japanese terms somewhere in the context of the story. I've been meaning to add this list of terms for a little while, but was too lazy to put it up until I got an email from my buddy the Skiing Scotsman addressing that issue. So, for all you non-Japanese speakers out there, here is the list of terms used in the Dragonball Z: Dimension X stories. Please bear in mind, though, that I am not Japanese and these are loose translations at the very best ^_^ Also note that some of the terms below haven't appeard in DBDX... yet.

Aishiteru: I love you
Ano: Um [I'm not being funny, that's what it translates into!]
Arigatou/Domo arigatou: Thank you/Thank you very much
Bai bai: Good-bye/bye
Baka: Stupid, crazy, idiot (basically an insult)
Bakana: Well, let's just say it ain't a term of endearment!
Bakayarou: Along the same lines as bakana
Bishounen: Pretty boy, handsome boy
Chan/Kun: Dear (feminine/masculine respectively)
Demo: But
Gomen/Gomen nasai: I'm sorry/I'm very sorry
Hai: Yes
Hentai: Pervert
Honto: Really (can be used as a question and as a response: "Really?" "Really.")
Iie: No
Imota: Sister (younger/little sister)
Ja na: See ya
Jinzouningen: Artificial human/cyborg/android (take your pick ^_^)
Juuhachi-gou: Number Eighteen
Juunana-gou: Number Seventeen
Kaasan/Kaachan: Mom, Mommy
Konban wa: Good afternoon/good evening
Konnichi wa: Good morning
Kuso: Uh, it's not a really nice word ^_~ -- in other words, Bulma and Vegeta are quite fond of it!
Masaka: Damn it! (or something along those lines)
Mirai: Future
Moshi moshi: Hello (somewhat informal)
Nani: What, huh
Nani wa: What's wrong/What's the matter
Obaasan: Grandmother
Obasan: Aunt
Ojiisan: Grandfather
Ojisan: Uncle
Okaasan: Mother
Oneesan/Oneechan: Sister (older/big sister)
Oniisan/Oniichan: Brother (older/big brother)
Otousan: Father
Tousan/Touchan: Dad, Daddy
San/Sama: Titles of respect
Sankyuu: Thanks!
Senshi: Warrior(s)
Shimatta: Along the same lines as kuso (probably closer to 'damn it', but don't quote me on that!)
Sugoi: Cool, awesome, etc.
Watashi wa: I am; My name is

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