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Welcome to Femme-Chan's little picture gallery. She's given me free reign of this section, so don't be too surprised if you find a lot of pics of a certain Saiyan prince around here. *smirks* As if she could stop me anyway! That weak human isn't even worth wasting a Final Flash on!

Uh, Vegeta? If you want to keep your job, I'd suggest that you rephrase that last comment of yours....

Oh? And just who are you going to hire who would willingly put up with your insanity, woman?

*innocently* I heard Yamcha's looking for a new job....

*long pause*

You wouldn't.

*sneering* Wanna bet?

Did I say "as if she could stop me"? I meant, Femme-Chan was kind enough to let me choose the images in this section, so I'm repaying her by adding several images to the gallery that I'm sure she'd like. *under his breath* Is that better, brat?

*very perky* Much! Well, everyone, you heard the man! Look around all you like, but don't leave too much of a mess when you leave! And enjoy!

*to himself* I've really got to talk to that Scottie character about keeping that girl under control....

SSJ Veggy
Veggy goin' SSJ
My crack security team :-)
Two SSJ4s?!?! Sugoi!!
Great, I turn around for two seconds and they fuse on me!!
Veggy? Angelic? In what reality?
Sometimes you just feel like a blond....
EXTREME CLOSE-UP!! *tiger growl*
I just really really like this one. I don't know why
Hey, where can I get those kool turquoise lights?!
A really good pic of Veggy in SSJ-mode
Hey, even megalomaniacs need their beauty sleep!!
Awwww! It's Chibi Vegeta!
Looks like someone got up on the wrong side of the bed today!
Hey, I never knew Veggy could cry! Well, he did that one time...
Definately not the last image you want imprinted on your brain (i.e. don't tick Veggy off)
Here's a neat little animated-Veggy!
Okay, so maybe Zukani bribed me into putting this pic in the gallery! (snagged from Jengou's place ^_^)
Here's the colorized version of the pic above (took me a LONG time to complete this one)
The altered Zukani pic (took me a while to get THIS one finished, too!)

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