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Femme-Chan meets Dragonball Z

Oh, so you want to know how a 21-year-old "sweetheart" like me became hooked on an action Anime like Dragonball Z, hmm? Okay, I'll tell you, but I'm only going this way once, so pay attention! :-)

I stumbled upon DBZ in much the same way as I stumbled across MST3K (for more on that, click here)--by accident. This was at a time before I got cable TV, and had to settle for the channels the antenna could pick up (which ain't much). One of those stations carried a rather silly but cute show called Dragonball. Since I was little more than a kid, I loved the show, and watched every episode. But like every little girl, I got older and interested in things other than cartoons (i.e. getting my driver's liscense, getting my first car, boys, playing sports, boys, hanging out with my best girl friends, boys....), and eventually stopped watching Dragonball all together.

That brings us to several years later, after I had already become a Mistie and was becoming addicted to Cartoon Network (Toonami in particular). Every day I was off work, I could be (and still am) found in front of the TV at 4 p.m. watching everything from Sailor Moon to Voltron to anything else that happened to be airing in that block of animation. Then one day, I realized that Dragonball Z struck me as strangely akin to the silly cartoon I'd watched years before, so I decided Okay, I'll sit and watch it once to see just how wrong I am. Surprise! I wasn't wrong afterall! But I did find myself getting drawn into the story and gradually more interested in the storyline, up to the point where I watch DBZ not only at 5 p.m. on Toonami, but also at 12:30 in the morning and on Toonami's Midnight Run every Saturday at midnight. Oh, and if you couldn't already tell, Vegeta is my favorite character for some reason. I dunno why I dig all the "bad guys", it must be that whole "I could kill you if I wanted to, but I won't" attitude that reminds me of myself (ask my friend Scottie, he'll tell you that I'm pure evil! :-) hehe).

That's about everything there is to tell. Feel free to head back to the Dragonball Z Page, or just skip all that and head over to Dragonball Links so you can link your way outta here :-) And thanks for stopping by!