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The DBZ Page Banner Factory

Hey, and welcome to my little banner factory. If you've had the chance to visit my other website (The MiSTic Domain), you know that I tend to go a little "banner happy" at times. Well, this time seems to be no exception!!

On this page, you can find a few of the banners that I've actually managed to finish up with. I made all of them using Microsoft Paint (cutting, pasting, using the text setting, blah blah blah...), and they aren't really that wonderful, but I'm proud of 'em anyways :-) One should be recognizable from the main page and my links section, the others are ones I haven't used anywhere... just yet.

The first banner I made for this page, and the one I've used most ^_^

My second banner. I like using unusual coloration, don't you?

The third and last banner I've made as of this moment. Any notice a theme developing here?

Another little banner I made recently. Veggy don't look none too happy ('course, when is he ever happy?!)

The first banner I made since the page's name change ^_^!! And it's animated, too!

My second new banner for Dimension X. Bear in mind, it looks best on dark backgrounds ^_^

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