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The DragonMage Chronicles

Konbanwa. In case you were wondering why something like this is even on a DBZ fansite, allow me to explain.

I've always had an active imagination. Hell, that's about the only thing that gets me through my shifts at Wal*Mart, allowing part of my mind to wander where it will while I continue my daily tasks. But recently, while I've been working on Chapter Two of my Dragonball Dimension X epic The More Things Change, there has been another character running around in my mind. Several, to be more truthful. And they are definately not the Saiyans we know and love.

There are some similarities. There is one character that exhibits a lot of Vegeta-esque qualities (which makes him all the more endearing to me ^_^ !!), including but not limited to the desire to be the greatest fighter of all time and a very short temper; one character appears to be rather, um, slow mentally but comes to life in a fight; there is a fair-skinned, very kawaii young man; and there is a teenager (female in this case) with lavender hair and is related to the short-tempered fighter. But the similarities end there. These characters are known as the DragonMages, the last of their kind, and there is one amongst them that not even the Vegeta-like character would ever cross--the Shadow Maiden, she who 'controls' the one dragon that all fear: the Shadow Dragon, also known as Death.

I will be developing this series of characters and situations, giving each character a moment in the spotlight with a short fic or snippet before delving into my first tale. These characters are already very dear to me, so I have to ask that under NO circumstances are they to be used by ANYONE else without my express written permission. I am normally a very kind and understanding individual, but I don't take plagurism lightly--hence my disclaimers all over this site in my DBZ:DX fics and main page. So, please, if you want to use any of these characters for any reason whatsoever, write to me either at or and just ask. I'm really easy-going, and more than likely will have no problem with lending you any of the Mages for a while ^_^

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Femme-Chan's Personal Disclaimer: The DragonMages (Ryohki, Koji, Xiran, Kaze, and Amiko) are my property, ŠJanuary 2000, and are not to be used under ANY circumstances without my permission. Just write and ask. You never know, I might just loan 'em to ya for a while ^_^