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Like my banner? I certainly hope you do! Do you guys have any idea how long it takes to colorize a black-and-white picture using only the Microsoft Paint Program?! And that was before altering the sucker to get Zukani's image up there!

Ano, what was I going to say? Oh, now I remember! Welcome to the title page for my latest (and possibly longest) fanfic/epic, The More Things Change. Like all the Dimension X stories, this tale revolves mainly around Zukani and Juunana (why else would they be in the banner? ^_^), but the other Z Senshi will be appearing as well. This is especially true in Chapter Two and beyond.


This fic contains a bit of strong language; i.e., don't go into convulsions when the characters start swearing. Also, some of the later chapters may be a bit lemonish, so consider yourselves forewarned. Chapter One has little more than a sappiness warning ^_^

Chapter One: Believe It's been one month since the events in Building a Mystery (or one month before the epilogue of Time's Orphan--take your pick which way you'd prefer to view it ^_^). Zu-chan's thoughts have begun to wander more than ever, as have those of a certain Jinzouningen. And as the fic's title suggests, everything is about to change forever.

Interlude One: Trust Another month has gone by, and Zukani-chan finds herself reflecting on something from her past. [This story is worth keeping in mind for one of my later chapters in this epic.]

Chapter Two: Different Coming Soon!!

Back to the zone...

Standard Disclaimer: Dragonball Z and all related characters are the property of Akira Toriyama. Zukani is my character ( 1999); all I ask is that you check with me before using her elsewhere. All song lyrics used within are the property of the respective artists and music companies.